Is your home crawling with ants? If so, then it is imperative that you regain authority and take the necessary measures to remove them and make sure that they never bother you again. But, before you start the removal process of ants, begin by understanding the cause, modify your home and carry out targeted extermination specifically for ants. However, note that when removing ants from your home, one of the crucial decisions that have a significant impact on the possible recurrence of ant infestation is the expertise of the extermination process. Therefore, make sure that the removal process is done right to deal with the ant problem once and for all properly.

The Removal Process

Step 1: Observe the ants

When dealing with ants, the key is to be patient. While ants can be gross and you might be in a hurry to get rid of them, don’t rush. You need to understand the colony’s behavior, the trail they take as well as the queen. And this is only possible if you are patient and observant. Ants look for food sources and once they find a source, they transport the food back to the queen in the ant nest. Observing the ants will make sure that you have a clear target on your scope and once you take the shot, rather than kill worker ants, you can take care of the entire colony.

Step 2: Use ant baits

Now that you have a clear target, it’s time to prepare for the kill. Use ant baits. Place bits on the trails as well as near the nest. As usual, the workers will set out looking for food, but this time, they will find your bait, take it back to the nest for the queen and voila! You’ll take care of the queen and future populations.

Step 3: Bring in the big guns

If you find that you are dealing with a hard-to-reach below-ground nest, then consider that as your cue to use the big guns – insecticides. Make it rain in the nest with an approved insecticide. However, before you start spraying everything in your house, make sure that you locate and target the nest. Otherwise, you’ll only be getting rid of the workers, and soon after, you will be dealing with the same problem. For a safer and toxic free home, make use of eco-friendly insecticides.

How To Keep Ants Away From Your Home

There are several types of ants including pavement ants, odorous ants, carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, grease ants, ghost ants, fire ants, etc. To make sure that you prevent your home from becoming a harbinger of any ants, after adequately getting rid of the ants:

– Seal all possible entry points in your home to help keep these unwanted guests out.
– Keep your home clean by cleaning all surfaces, and don’t leave foods unsealed or uncovered.
– Get rid of shrubs and trim the trees in your backyard.
– Remove all decaying wood from your property.
– Plant ant repellent plants such as lavender in your garden.

By following the above simple steps, you can rest easy knowing that not only have you removed the ants, but you’ve also prevented ants from invading your home again.